MAHANAYAK FAN CLUB - was founded in the year 2006 on 23rd July 2006. Since then, we have organized Uttam Painting exhibition every year, at Calcutta Information Center, Nandan-II, Uttam Manch, through our website ( and Graphic Design exhibitions and finally in 2007 we have introduced MAHANAYAK SHARAD SAMMAN which is still a huge success.

We are not only limited to exhibition of Paintings, organizing seminars but putting Uttam Kumar at global level with is to spread the name, glory, charisma of our MAHANAYAK through Sharad Samma, which is an accolade and acceptance of excellence of people for Art Work for aesthetic sense in projecting their dreams into reality through many phases of life.

We approach to our kind self to come and join us with your whole-hearted co-operation and help and truly paying your own emotional gratitude to Mahanayak so that nobody even forget him ever in this earth.

We are sure coming forward with us would enable to achieve all the dreams we are keeping in our mind so far.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Ranjay Ray Choudhury             Tapash Chakraborty                              Geeta Doshi

Director-         President- Mahanayak Fan Club              Secretary- Mahanayak Fan Club